Tea Sittings

Saturdays 11:00a – 2:00p
Sundays 11:00a – 2:00p

A 5 course tea sitting for $22 includes finger sandwiches, scone, fruit and cheese plate, soup, salad, quiche, and dessert.  The Heritage Tastings Tea Sitting’s are seasonally inspired with the fresh appeal of the farmer’s market and our own garden vegetables, herbs and greens.  Check back often to view the changing menu.

Heritage Teas

Winter Tea Menu

Evening Dinner

The Heritage Tastings dinner menu is a prix fixe menu of 5 courses for $35.  The themed menu changes frequently and includes appetizer, salad, soup, entree, and dessert.  We feature dining choices that are thoughtfully prepared and in appropriate portion sizes so you will have the opportunity to indulge in a multi-course dining experience. You also have the option of a wine or beer pairing which includes a different drink carefully selected to harmonize with each course.

Holidays Around The World Menu
Saturday, December 18 and Friday, December 31

Winter Tea Menu

Walk – In Customers

Reservations are required for our tea sittings and evening dinners, however we understand that is not always possible.  We will have a limited menu for walk-in customers featuring a variety of small plates and a full list of wine, beer, and tea.


Contact Info

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Phone: 513-322-1881
Address: 7664 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227


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